Funny , Kids Would You Rather questions

Funny “Would You Rather” Questions

Some “Would You Rather” questions are only plain comical. These questions work very well for school and team groups, or anytime you want to have fun.


Could you eat two rotten tomatoes or eat a small can of cat food?
Could you rather be covered or totally bald from head to toe with hair?
Would you rather always need to skip everywhere or run?
Can you rather possess a unicorn horn or a horse’s tail?
Could you hold a jellyfish to a snake or kiss?
Could you rather constantly smell always or rotten meat odor skunk?
Can you rather possess a pig nose or a monkey face?
Can you rather surf in shark-infested waters or jump free fall into the Grand Canyon with a parachute?
Would you rather sit using a resting lion for ten minutes or run across a hungry alligator’s back?
Would you rather have your grandmother’s hairstyle or first name?
Could you rather drink all of your food from a baby bottle or wear visible diapers for the rest of your life?
Would you rather constantly talk in rhymes or sing instead of speak?
Could you rather suffer from impulsive crying or unpredictable fainting spells?
Could you wear a tutu every day for a year or rather wear clown make-up every day to get annually?
Could you rather not be allowed to wash your hands to get a month or your hair to get a month?
Would you rather have to make use of a public toilet which is incredibly dirty and dark or one that has a snake inside it?

“ Would You Rather” Questions for Kids

Kids adore “ Would You Rather” questions because they are silly and appeal to their own sense of adventure. Beware! Some of the following questions might appear repulsive and inappropriate should you be an adult.

Would you rather get caught scratching at your privates or eating a booger?
Would you rather play with video games or play outside?
Could you rather have an endless quantity of sweets or chips?
Can you rather have cake or cookies?
Could you eat tacos or pizza?
Would you rather never need to brush your teeth or do not need to take a bath or shower again?
Can you lick at the underside of your shoe or eat your boogers?
Can you eat a live worm or a dead bug?
Could you be good at sports or rather get great grades?
Could you rather go for four months in the wintertime just to the school and possess the rest of the year off or go to school in the summertime and have the rest of the year off?
Can you rather function as the most intelligent kid in school and make wonderful grades or be typically the most popular kid in school and make lousy grades?
Can you clean up after dinner or rather set the table before dinner?
Would you rather get up very early or stay up quite late?
Can you rather jump right into a pool of chocolate pudding or a pool of mud?
Would you rather have a dog as a pet or a cat as a pet?
Would you rather have five stitches have a tooth pulled or to repair a bad wound?
Could you have your tears be flavored or rather sneeze cheese?
Could you rather have 1000 grasshoppers in the remaining house or 500 spiders in your bedroom?
Would you rather live within an amusement park or a zoo?
Would you lie for your best friend or lie to your parents?
Could you rather eat two tablespoons saturated in liquid soap or drink a glass saturated in liquid one tablespoon in water?